Bantu Plants

By Karsten Legère

Vienna 2018

Through the query interface, you can search for words or groups of words in the dictionary. By simply entering a word and pressing the ENTER button on your keyboard you will trigger the query. Results matching your query will be displayed below the input field.

Mind that all queries are case sensitive.

The preview option will show you a list of tokens that start with the characters you entered so far.

It is possible to search in particular fields of the dictionary. Wildcards are applied on the token level.

Query String Field Explanation
.* Vidunda All Vidunda entries. Try it!
.* Kiswahili All Kiswahili entries. Try it!
FA.* Family All entries with a family starting with the string FA. Try it!

The interface also supports a simple query language which allows you to select the fields manually.

sw="kikwajuzi" Find the entry with the Kiswahili string kikwajuzi. Try it!
vid="iwandzi" Find the the Vidunda entry iwandzi. Try it!
fam="FABACEAE" Find all entries belonging in the family FABACEAE. Mind that queries are case sensitive! Try it!
la="Sida cordifolia" Find the common noun Sida cordifolia. Try it!

It is possible to use wildcars in the queries.

si.* Find all entries with a string containing si. Try it!
^ib.* Like this you can anchor the string at the beginning of the token. Try it!
fam="^FA.*" Find all entries with a family beginning with FA. Try it!
.*yu$ Like this you can anchor the string at the end of the token. Try it!

You can also combine queries.

sw="^ki.*" & fam="^FA.*" All Kiswahili entries starting with the string ki" and a family starting with FA. Try it!
sw="^ki.*" & fam=".*AE$" All Kiswahili entries starting with the string ki and a family ending with AE. Try it!

This is an experimental website juxtaposing plant names from two eastern Bantu languages, Vidunda and Kiswahili. The data was compiled by Karsten Legère.

The data presented here is one result of the research project "Vilda växter i Bantuspråk – namn och användning (Wild plants in Bantu languages - [common]names and use)" - by Karsten Legère/Christina Thornell Riksbankens Jubileumsfond ([Swedish]National Bank's Jubilee Fund grant), project nos. J2002-0307:1, J2002-0307:2 The generous Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's project funding is gratefully acknowledged.

The digital data was converted to TEI (P5) by Charly Moerth and is published through a standard VLE dictionary interface.

Vidunda is a Tanzanian languages spoken by the Vidunda ethnic group in Kilosa District of the Morogoro Region. It is almost undocumented so far and belongs to G38 of Malcolm Guthrie’s classification. Its autonym is Chividunda.